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 Rules of EvoDogs alliance

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PostSubject: Rules of EvoDogs alliance   Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:50 pm

This post is to be read by all the people that want to join the EvoDogs alliance, and also by the members that are already in the alliance.

Special rules for the people that want to join:

*If u are hoping to join our alliance, please read all the rules, if after reading ALL the rules, you are ok with them, and still want to be part of our family, u may join EvoDogs, either in NEMES1S or Illuminati.

EvoDogs alliance rules:
*If you join our guild you must register to join our forums.

*Treat the people in both guilds like they were your brothers and sisters, always show respect and be polite too all our members, in Evodogs we are family.

*Always try to be polite with EVERYBODY outside the guild, we try to present ourselves in the server as a kind and helpfull guild, please try to have this out look all the time.

*We do not, encourage any kind of scamming, cheating, bug exploit, ruppe buying or any illegal actions that may get your account banned by the GM's, we do not want our guild to be associated with peoples who have gotten banned accounts.

*Kill stealing in completely forbidden.

*Leaking information to anyone outside the guild is completely forbidden. Such as the level of our members, level of our pets, average level or name of our players alts, you can tell to other people, anything you want about your character, but not about the whole guild.

*We do not Player Kill (PK) people just for the fun of it, we are a peaceful alliance and we wanna keep it that way.

*PKing is not completely forbidden, if there's a good reason for PKing u may take actions, but please always try to be aware of your actions. They do reflect on the guild, your family.

*PKing a person because he Kill Stole you once, is not allowed, give him a peaceful warning and move on, if it happens again, give him another warning, if he continue to KS you while farming or during a DP, you are allowed to PK him. (Please always try to take screen shot of the person during the KSing, we need something to back up your story.)

*We do not allow "training" others players in the game, this includes people that is farming or DPing.

*Using any of your skills to put a debuff ("Nightmare", "Roth", "Stun", "Freeze", "Fear", "Hold" or any other skill that helps to get a person killed) on someone that's farming or in a DP, with the purpose of getting that person "mob killed", is not allowed in our alliance.

*We do not encourage flaming in the whole chat, like it's already mentioned, we are a peaceful guild, and making enemies is not our point in this game.

*Please always behave while writing in the alliance forum, the guild chat and in Team Speak, please try to keep a decent language, u can say all the "bad words" u want, as long as there is not a bad intention behind those words.

*Even tho "bad words" are allowed in the alliance, respect towards our members is our first rule, so be careful when you decide to be "naughty" in the chat/TS, especially when there are women or children with in ear shot in chat /TS.

*Always try to be helpful with your alliance members, if someone is asking for help with a boss or a quest, and you are just sitting in town, please try to get up and give a little help, unless of course u have a good reason not to help.

*Don't "stalk" our high level members, especially pet classes, to get your low level pets leveled up, if they cant do it, let that be the end of it, pet leveling is not an obligation of the high level members of the alliance, remember they have their own pets to level up.

*There are many guilds that our guild have an unspoken alliance with on the server. The list of these guilds may change from time to time. When we have the help of those guilds for any reason we should treat them as we do our official alliance members. This means we help them in dps and if they need the help in any other way they may need. We treat everyone with respect at all times. please check with other members to make sure of the guilds we have an alliance with each week.

*While you are in the guild your main duty to yourself and to your guild is to be caring and kind to all and respect our guild mates and others. The other thing u can do to help your guild is level up as much as you can. By leveling up you will help yourself and your guild in siege and doing higher level boss quests.
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Rules of EvoDogs alliance
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